At Amara Wellness Centre we believe that when the body, skin and connective tissues are healthy and well-cared-for, beauty is the natural result. We support and assist clients in achieving whole-body wellness, exercising regularly, attending to health issues as they arise and making time to relax and recover from life’s pressures and stresses.


The LPG Systems Cellu M6 Endermolab Médical is a powerful technology for supporting a range of health outcomes, aiding recovery from physical conditions and assisting with preventive treatments. Under the names Endermologie (Lipomassage and Endermolift) – this technology has been adapted for toning and revitalising the skin, for non-invasive facelift, and to help break down cellulite and stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the subcutaneous layers.

Endermologie for face and body encourages the elimination of dead cells from the epidermis. At the same time the dermis is toned and recovers its elasticity, and the hypodermis becomes finer, smoothing the skin and shaping the figure and the face, for men and women alike.

Endermolift mechanically stimulates the tissue of the face, neck and cleavage, to replenish, firm, clarify and redensify. Indications for Endermolift are:

  • wrinkles and lines
  • loose skin, loss of skin elasticity
  • dull complexion or shadows under the eyes
  • dilated pores
  • double chin.



Lipomassage is the first non-invasive technique to be scientifically proven to help shape the figure, smoothing and firming the skin.

Indications for Lipomassage are:

  • localised fat tissue
  • ‘orange peel skin’
  • loose skin
  • double chin
  • water retention (heavy legs).



For more detailed information see our Lipomassage and Endermolift pages; or to make an appointment, call Amara Wellness Centre
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