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Amara Wellness Centre

Amara Wellness Centre is a holistic, wellness-and-organic-based centre offering a variety of health-related services, many of which are unique in Australia. Our services include high-quality chiropractic care, advanced technology Endermotherapie massage for the connective tissues, Endermologie treatments for the skin and subcutaneous layers, and the HUBER MOTION LAB for total spinal health. In addition we provide a range of skin-care treatments, as well as special treatments and rituals in our beautiful, architect-designed Hammam spa.

Our founder, Dr Zara Celik, is both a highly qualified chiropractor and an accredited Endermologie and Endermotherapie specialist. Her extensive experience and holistic approach to treatment enable her to maximise benefits to patients using safe, non-invasive techniques. Conditions that can be treated include musculoskeletal problems, skin and muscle contractures, lymphoedema, fibrosis, muscle and ligament tears and fibro-myalgia, scarring, and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name just a few. She also provides effective rehabilitation to stroke patients using both Endermotherapie and the HUBER MOTION LAB in tandem with chiropractic care.

Providing clients with total wellness care, Amara Wellness Centre aims to use natural or organic-certified products wherever possible, to ensure that nothing harms the body. Located in the heart of multicultural Sydney Road, Brunswick, our premises is a perfect blend of high technology and complete tranquility – our three Hammam ritual rooms feature heated floors and natural marble benches, with every room designed differently for a unique experience each time you visit.

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